Jason Choi: From books in the hand to distant lands


During the four years at university, Jason Choi travelled across Europe, Asia, America and Africa, visiting nearly 30 countries.

Angus Chow: Walking beside HKDSE students


Daniel Chan: Holding fast to dreams


Scholar Shares

Renowned scholar explores social issues of Eurasians

The Department of History invited Professor Emma Teng of Massachusetts Institute of Technology as guest speaker of Professor Chang Chuen Memorial Public Lecture on 10 April.

In Focus

Tackling monkey nuisance a shared responsibility

Troops of wild monkeys have recently been found in some residential blocks in Tai Wai, Sha Tin.


Journalism scholar wins Top Faculty Paper at international conference

Dr Janet Lo, Assistant Professor of the Department of Journalism, won the Top Faculty Paper in the Journalism Studies Division at the International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference with her research entitled “Who has a say in political election? Framing in the era of big data". 


Academy of Film hosts activities to explore virtual reality film

The Academy of Film (AF) of the School of Communication, in collaboration with the 42nd Hong Kong International Film Festival, premiered the first virtual reality (VR) Chinese language film, The Deserted.

Sober up with Chinese medicine

In recent years, the idea that alcohol flush reaction is a sign of high alcohol tolerance and fast metabolism has become a mainstream view. Is it true that those who get flushed while drinking alcohol have high alcohol tolerance?

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Discover Tibet

Last summer, I went on an eight-day trip to Tibet to explore this mysterious plateau region.

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Where did we come from, where will we go?

The world's destiny lies in our hands. We can build a house big enough to accommodate ourselves, provide protection and create a favourable living environment. As the wisest of all creatures, we can't help thinking about the origin of life and the subtle profundity of the universe once basic needs are met.

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Talkative vs eloquence

Language teachers always encourage students to read and write more to enhance their language proficiency. Frequent use of a language is believed to result in a higher level of language proficiency.

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