HKBU officially became one of the 13 Founding Members of the Sustainable Procurement Charter at the launching ceremony held by the Green Council on 12 July. 

The sole Founding Member from the education sector, HKBU is committed to participating in and contributing to the advocacy and advancement of sustainable production and consumption in Hong Kong. 

In order to accomplish the aims of the Charter, HKBU will formulate, implement and promote sustainable procurement procedures with reference to ISO 20400. 

HKBU is committed to promoting a low-carbon and environmentally sustainable campus. It became a Fellow Member of the Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter in 2009. HKBU won a Green Purchaswi$e Award (Gold) at the Hong Kong Green Awards 2010, and is the only tertiary institution to have received the Award. The University put into effect a Campus Sustainability Guide in 2016 and Green Event Regulations in 2018 to promote sustainable practices in procurement and to encourage members of the University community to conserve resources, minimise waste and recycle in its daily operations and when organising events. 

In response to Sustainable Development Goal 12 of the United Nations, "Responsible Consumption and Production", the Charter aims to guide community members in shouldering their social responsibilities by taking social and environmental factors into consideration when making procurement decisions.  The aim is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns and to reduce the harm posed by procurement decisions to the environment, society and economy, and as a result mitigate the risk of climate change.