Kavyasree Venkata Subramanian (Kavya), a petite girl from the Indian coastal city of Chennai, is one of the 69 international undergraduate students at HKBU this academic year.

One year ago, Kavya started her studies at the School of Business with concentration in Entrepreneurship, the first-ever undergraduate programme to offer this in Hong Kong. In the long run, she hopes to start her own business venture and provide job opportunities to talented youth in her country.

About to complete her first year of campus life at HKBU, Kayva recalled how she fell in love with this vibrant city on her first visit: "Hong Kong always reminds me of Chennai, my hometown. They are both coastal cities, and their environments and climates are alike. In Hong Kong, I feel like I'm home. I think the only difference between the two places is that there aren't that many skyscrapers in my hometown!"

Like many young Indians, Kayva dreamed of becoming an engineer but she soon realised that she is not at all interested in Physics. With the support of open-minded parents, she eventually shifted her aspirations towards business and entrepreneurship. When she was 15, Kayva moved to Shanghai with her family. After graduating from high school, she wanted to further her studies overseas and chose to come to Hong Kong.

As a world-class financial centre, Hong Kong has a thriving economy with lots of business activities which provide different opportunities for young people to chase their entrepreneurial dreams. Kayva, an aspiring business person, also hopes to make the most of her time in Hong Kong to lay the groundwork for her future. "There are different undergraduate business programmes in Hong Kong tertiary institutions and HKBU is the only university that offers the entrepreneurship concentration. This concentration offers comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship through topics such as entrepreneurial finance, entrepreneurial marketing, human resources management and entrepreneurial orientation. During the course, we can apply for internship opportunities, form start-ups and prepare ourselves for a future as an entrepreneur."

In addition to studying, Kavya has also joined a variety of experiential learning activities and training programmes. "Apart from attending regular lectures and tutorial classes, I enjoy taking part in entrepreneurial activities, especially the seminars and talks held by Business Club and The Entrepreneurship Society. These activities allow me to exchange views with other young entrepreneurs and make new friends."

Kavya's passion is business but she is not content with just starting a company and being an outstanding leader; her “ultimate goal” is to contribute to society. "The youth unemployment rate is high in India. There are in fact many talented young people. What they need is just a chance for development. If I successfully form my own company, I can provide them with job opportunities and help them develop their career. I know it is an ambitious dream but I will work hard to make it happen."