Four students from the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) recently won the second runner-up prize in the student category at the AIA Blockchain Challenge for their proposal titled Western and Eastern Health (WE Health). 



The team consisted of MPhil student Robert Parcus and undergraduate students George Chow, Tim Wong and Declan Kan of the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science programme. They were guided by SCM’s Associate Professor of the Teaching and Research Division Dr Zhang Shiping. 


The team’s design involved a platform focusing on achieving a healthy lifestyle by using concepts taken from Western and traditional Chinese medicine. The system has interesting health-monitoring and recommendation features using mobile and wearable technologies. 


Robert said: “We are very happy and thankful to have this opportunity. The impact that blockchain technology is making across different industries can be an extremely positive development, and through this project we were able to explore the potential of this development on specific applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine and health. Participating in this global contest was not only exciting but also a formative experience.”