The patented scientific inventions developed by two HKBU scholars and their teams claimed two awards presented by the Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries (FITMI) recently.

The fatigue driving detection and alarm system which alerts a drowsy driver invented by Professor Cheung Yiu-ming and his team from the HKBU Department of Computer Science, won the gold medal of the Hong Kong Innovative Invention Award. Meanwhile, the novel method to authenticate the valuable Chinese herbal medicine Tiepi Shihu (Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo) developed by Associate Professor Dr Han Quanbin and his team from the Teaching and Research Division of the HKBU School of Chinese Medicine, won the silver medal. 

Professor Cheung Yiu-ming's new approach adopts a smartphone's real-time video to track and analyse the facial features of a driver, in particular the changes in prominent fatigue symptoms.

The system aims at reducing the number of accidents caused by fatigue driving. With this system pre-installed in a smartphone, when the camera captures features like drooping eyelids or drowsiness, an alarm is automatically set off to awaken the sleepy driver.

Dr Han Quanbin and his team invented a convenient and low-cost method to efficiently authenticate the valuable Chinese herbal medicine Tiepi Shihu. The Hong Kong Authentication Centre of Dendrobii Officinalis Caulis Limited Company, a start-up established by the team from HKBU, adopts the authentication method to enable qualitative and quantitative analysis suitable for commercial use, particularly for Chinese medicines proprietors. 

The Hong Kong Innovative Invention Award is a new category under the FITMI awards 2017, and recognises prominent innovative technologies or products produced by a company or an individual.