William Lun, Year 4 student of the School of Business majoring in Applied Economics, is the only student in Hong Kong to win this year's CY Tung Scholarship.

He is also one of the seven winners in the world to be awarded the scholarship. William will join university students from around the globe to board the "floating campus" of Semester at Sea 2018. The 107-day Fall voyage will embark from Hamburg, Germany in September.

William was delighted to receive the scholarship and thanked Mr Jake Ricci, Lecturer of the Language Centre, for his recommendation. He said: "I am honoured to have such a valuable opportunity to go outside to explore the world. With the strong support of the University, I was also given an opportunity to go on overseas exchange and attended the Model United Nations conference. All these precious experiences not only helped broaden my worldview, but also enriched my knowledge in different aspects of life."  

For details, please visit: https://cpro.hkbu.edu.hk/en/press_release/detail/82/.