Following their victory at the 2018 Deep Dive Rowing Regatta (Beijing) in May, the 10 athletes from the HKBU Rowing Club scored another success, winning the championship title in the 800m 8+ (university) contest at the recent 2018 Deep Dive Rowing Regatta held in Suzhou.


The HKBU team comprises Lin Cheuk-ngai (Computer Science, Year 4), Kwok Hiu-kit (Information Systems and e-Business Management, Year 3), Yu Ming-fai (Associate Degree, Year 3), Li Shi-pak (Associate Degree, Year 3), Lo Chun-hin (Associate Degree, Year 4), and five HKBU alumni: Ngai Chi-pok, Lo Kit-wang, Tang Ka-wai, Ma Wai-hung, and Wong Cho-pang.

The Deep Dive Rowing Regatta is a highly popular annual event. The first leg was held in Beijing's Daoxianghu Center with following rounds in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Xian, Ningbo and Yueyang.