Mr Kingsley Ng, Assistant Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts, was invited to create an interactive light art installation entitled "Over the Ocean" at the water pond of Chater Garden in Central.

The art project invited members of the public to place origami paper boats, each carrying a tea light, to float on the pond. The paper boats float in synchrony with five songs lasting 30 minutes based on five individual drifting stories related to Hong Kong.

"Over the Ocean" conveyed the message that "For hundreds of years, people from afar have travelled thousands of miles to this city, and eventually called it home. People here, for various reasons, have left this port; some returned, some haven't."

Mr Ng believes that Hong Kong is a multicultural city in which every person is yet to be integrated equally. In this project, he used light not only as a medium but also as a metaphor for making art and casting light on the imperceptible, hidden or forgotten. He hopes the installation can serve as a space for the audience “to listen to the songs and stories of those who have drifted to, from, and around Hong Kong." 

Mr Ng is renowned for working with the ephemeral and intangible — such as light, sound, space and time. His "Over the Ocean" work is one of the projects under the light festival Lumières Hong Kong featuring light installations, video projections and art pieces held over three nights, from 23 to 25 November 2017. 

This public-engaging art activity aimed at promoting Hong Kong's heritage, history and culture through light projections and installations was presented by Association Culturelle France Hong Kong Ltd in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR. The background songs were composed by Mr Charles Kwong and performed by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble.