HKBU held the Anniversary Founders' Day Reception on 9 March to celebrate the University's 62nd birthday. Officiating at the Reception were Senior Counsel Mr Wong Yan-lung, Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU Mr Cheng Yan-kee, and President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin.

The event provided an opportunity for more than 300 guests, including its Council and Court members, honorary doctorate and fellowship recipients, government officials, consuls general, staff, students, alumni, supporters and friends of the University, to understand more about HKBU's latest development.

In his welcome remarks, Mr Cheng Yan-kee thanked the audience at the Reception for their support which led to the University's many accomplishments. He said the HKBU founders identified the benefits of delivering academic excellence in a caring, creative, and global culture. Six decades on, HKBU re-emphasises these qualities in a refreshed vision through the Strategic Plan which charts the University's direction in the next 10 years: To be a leading liberal arts University in Asia for the world delivering academic excellence in a caring, creative global culture. Mr Cheng gave an overview of the varied endeavours of HKBU, highlighting the academic, research and service projects that have gained commendation, recognition and support.

In his address, Mr Wong Yan-lung encouraged the younger generation to seek justice within the law. He said that there is a significant difference between the fulfilment of individual rights and the achievement of justice, fairness and equality. If one is genuinely concerned about justice, fairness, and inequality, one will work hard to embrace respect for others and the protection of others' rights as opposed to the mere assertion of one's own rights. 

Professor Roland Chin said in his speech that a university is "blindfolded" like Lady Justice so that a university will maintain "political colour-blindness" and implement its institutional policies without any political interference. He said the University will protect its members' freedom of expression and the academic sector within the law without destroying the rights of other individuals.

At the Reception, the University presented the fifth Distinguished Alumni Award to four alumni in recognition of their outstanding business, professional or scholastic achievements. They are: Mr Ronnie Cheng (Education Studies); Dr Eddie Chui  (Chemistry, Chinese Medicine); Ms Kitty Lun (Communication) and Mr Patrick Siu  (Geography, Communication). For a brief introduction of the awardees, please visit:

In addition, Chairman Cheng and Professor Chin expressed their gratitude and presented HKBU Foundation certificates to supporters who made significant contributions to the University.

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