The Chaplain’s Office organised the annual Baccalaureate Service on 25 April with guest speaker Associate Professor of Theological Studies at Bible Seminary of Hong Kong Dr Andy Chiu, who shared on the topic of “Different Generations”.

On the occasion, students expressed their gratitude to their teachers and bid farewell to their fellow classmates. 

In his speech, Dr Chiu shared his valuable insights on the current issue of “generation gap” by quoting different examples from popular local movies, such as She Remembers, He Forgets, and The Way We Dance. He explained that different generations have different life experiences and these experiences will lead to discrepancies in their perspectives.

Dr Chiu said that life is full of contradictions and divergence. A diversified world should embrace divergence while people should learn from each other, show tolerance and live with variations. He expressed his hope that students could follow their aspirations and realise their dreams upon graduation.

Speaking at the event, President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin said HKBU has always been a caring institution that is open to all talents regardless of race, gender, nationality and religion. He highlighted the HKBU characteristics of innovativeness and creativeness, saying that the University provides fertile ground for innovative research and learning opportunities to enable students to create changes for the benefit of mankind. The University also seeks to nurture students to become globally able talents for an increasingly uncertain workplace.