Dr Ng Tor Tai International House (NTT) of HKBU celebrated its 20th anniversary and held a ceremony on 4 December, with Mrs Ng Chu Lien-fan, wife of the late Dr Ng Tor-tai, and their son Mr Ng Wai-ki as guests of honour.

Other guests included President Professor Roland Chin and former President Professor Ng Ching-fai.

President Chin thanked Dr Ng's family for their staunch support to HKBU. He also commended Dr Ng for his foresight in supporting HKBU to build an international house, which prompted the Government to attach greater importance to higher institutions' need for sufficient hostel accommodation and internationalisation initiatives.

Mrs Ng fondly recalled the many philanthropic acts of Dr Ng in her speech. She said it was fortuitous that NTT was born in the same year as the HKSAR, making the opening of NTT extra memorable. She is pleased that NTT has taken the lead in enabling more students to take part in international and cultural exchange, and has become an important facility that helps the University realise its internationalisation goals. 

NTT was established to receive visiting scholars and scholars who attend international conferences at HKBU. With growing demand for student hostel places, it now houses many postgraduate students.