The University held its annual Employers' Luncheon on 2 February, providing a valuable opportunity for some 160 graduating students to meet over 500 potential employers from a wide range of businesses and organisations.

The occasion also enhances the University's ties with the industrial and corporate world. At the Luncheon, the Chairman of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, Dr George Lam, shared on the topic "Opportunities for the New Generation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence". 

The guests at the Luncheon were senior executives from numerous renowned local and international corporations in sectors including education, government, public relations and communications, medical, business associations, accountancy, marketing, non-government associations, technology, retail, manufacturing, and catering and hospitality. 

In his address, Dr Lam shed light on the opportunities and challenges for the new generation in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). He explained that AI is the new generation of the economy, data is the currency and its digital assets, while young people are the new generation of citizens. He praised HKBU for its vision to produce new citizens suitably equipped for the new economy. 

Dr Lam said that 60% of professional occupations will in future be automated, covering a wide spectrum of industries such as the medical sector, banking, FinTech, insurance, security, legal and so forth. With China becoming an emerging leading AI country/hub, Dr Lam said this creates a major opportunity for Hong Kong to embrace AI and not be afraid of it. 

In his speech, HKBU President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin spoke about a number of "HKBU secrets". To name a few, HKBU is the only institution in Hong Kong to offer a Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine undergraduate programme and to have established an Academy of Film. In addition, it has 370 international partners and 100,000 alumni around the world. It is these unique "secrets" that have made HKBU strong. Professor Chin also introduced the launch of the Talent100 scheme under which 100 new academic staff will be recruited globally to strengthen teaching and research. 

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