President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin conferred the title of Professor Emeritus on behalf of the University on 21 faculty members in recognition of their distinguished and sustained contributions to academic work and the University's activities

at the Faculty and Staff Assembly held on 12 JuneA number of retiring colleagues were also honoured on the occasion for their dedicated service to HKBU for 10 or more years.

The Professors Emeritus are: 

Faculty of Arts: Professor Chow Kwok-ching, Professor Ge Xiaoyin, Professor Huang Ziping, Professor Lau Chor-wah, Professor Ng Suk-tin, Professor Tan Zaixi

School of Business: Professor Allan Chan, Professor Lam Kit-chun

School of Communication: Professor Cheuk Pak-tong, Professor Ringo Ma, Professor John Powers

Faculty of Science: Professor Cheung Nai-ho, Professor Albert Lee, Professor Franklin Luk, Professor Beng Ong, Professor Tang Yuan-yan

Faculty of Social Sciences: Professor Jack Barbalet, Professor Chow Kai-wing, Professor Leung Mee-lee, Professor Ma Hing-keung

Academy of Visual Arts: Professor John Aiken

The retiring colleagues who attended the event were: 

Faculty of Arts: Professor Tan Zaixi, Ms Patricia Warren

School of Business: Dr Chan Siu-yeung, Dr Susanna Lo, Dr Mo Pak-hung

School of Continuing Education: Dr Vicky Lee

Faculty of Science: Professor Albert Lee, Mr Ho Po-wai, Dr Shiu Wai-chee

Faculty of Social Sciences: Professor Tang Wing-shing

Academic Registry: Ms Mariann So

Estates Office: Mr Kung Kwok-pong, Mr Leung Kin-sang

Joint Sports Centre: Mr Lam Chiu

Library: Ms Kong Mei-ling

Office of Information Technology: Mr So Kung-kit, Mr Tsang Siu-wa

Office of Student Affairs: Ms Christine Wong

Personnel Office: Ms Alice Chu, Ms Pudentiana Ng