A number of HKBU members were honoured by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on 1 July for their outstanding service to the community.


Grand Bauhinia Medal

Dr Chan Yau-hing (Honorary University Fellow and Honorary President of the HKBU Foundation)

Gold Bauhinia Star

Dr Fong Yun-wah (Honorary Doctorate and Honorary Trustee of the HKBU Foundation)

Silver Bauhinia Star

Ms Chan Suk-mei (Court Member, Honorary University Fellow, Senior Member of the HKBU Foundation, and Communication alumna)

Dr Chan Yau-nam (Honorary Vice-President of the HKBU Foundation)

Mr Lam Kwok-leung (Mathematics alumnus)

Professor Wong Yuk-shan (Biology alumnus)  

Bronze Bauhinia Star

Dr Lee Yuk-lun (Member of the Entrepreneur Committee of the HKBU Foundation)

Dr Ma Ho-man (Honorary Court Member)

Mr Yim Yuk-lun (Director of the HKBU Foundation) 

Medal of Honour

Dr Chan Kwok-ki (Physical Education alumnus)

Mr Chow Kun-wah (Sociology alumnus)

Mr Lee Chi-wing (Master of Public Administration alumnus)

Ms Lee Oi-ping (Member of the Entrepreneur Committee of the HKBU Foundation, and Business Management alumna)

Mr Leung Kwong-hon (Communication alumnus)

Mr Ng Po-keung (Sociology alumnus)

Ms Tsui Yuk-shan (Director of the HKBU Foundation)

Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service

Dr Theresa Cunanan (Senior Lecturer of College of International Education)

Dr Lobo Louie (Associate Professor of Physical Education)

Professor Lyu Aiping (Dean of Chinese Medicine)

Dr Mak Yiu-kwong (Sociology alumnus)

Mr Eric Tong (Honorary Director of the HKBU Foundation) 

Mr Tung Sau-chung (Geography alumnus)

Distinguished Service Medal for the Disciplined Services and the ICAC

Mr Hui Chun-tak (Biology alumnus)

Meritorious Service Medal for the Disciplined Services and the ICAC

Mr Tse Yuk-how (English Language and Literature alumnus)


Meanwhile, the following HKBU members were appointment as Justices of the Peace:

Mr David Ho (Honorary Court Member)

Mr Paulo Pong (Council and Court Member)

Ms Winnie Tam (Honorary University Fellow)