The health of a female hinges on her blood, which has basic and functional values to her. Blood is the physical basis of the physiology of the female reproductive system, namely menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, “A person’s health is reflected in his/her appearance.” The vitality or weakening of one’s viscera, qi and blood is bound to be seen in one’s countenance, skin and hair. Females with healthy viscera, qi and blood naturally have a radiant countenance and glowing skin!

The key to a female’s lifelong health and beauty lies in blood replenishment and yin nourishment. Unlike facial treatment and make-up, which work on a superficial level, nourishment improves bodily health from the inside out, and offers the means to achieve a deep and lasting effect.

The following two recipes, which can help replenish and activate production of blood and circulation, are recommended for regulating menstrual cycle and maintaining a beautiful appearance.   

Double-boiled lean pork with Donkey-hide Gelatin and Jujube 

【Ingredients】Donkey-hide Gelatin 20g, Common Jujube 6 pieces (pitted), Barbury Wolfberry Fruit 15g, lean pork 200g (for one person). 
【Preparation】Wash and cut the lean pork; put all the ingredients into a ceramic crock; place lid on crock then put it in a pot that contains an appropriate amount of water; cook on high heat until it comes to a boil, then lower heat and simmer for two hours; when ready, add salt to taste; then serve.  
【Efficacy】Replenish blood and maintain natural beauty.
【Remarks】Donkey-hide Gelatin is a traditional blood-replenishing and yin-nourishing tonic for females; Common Jujube is also good for replenishing blood and nourishing yin; Barbury Wolfberry Fruit can nourish and tonify the liver and blood while lean pork can invigorate the spleen and cure deficiencies. A double-boiled soup with all these ingredients is suitable for those with blood deficiency, have sallow skin, dull hair and abnormally light menstrual periods.
【Consumption】Eat the soup together with the pork two to three times a week, for a period that spans three menstrual cycles.

Rose black tea

【Ingredients】Keemun black tea 5g, rose 3g (for one person).
【Preparation】Put the ingredients into a cup; rinse with cooled boiled water; then add 500 ml of boiling water and cover it; infuse for two minutes; then serve.
【Efficacy】Invigorate blood and maintain beauty.
【Remarks】Black tea, with its warm nature, is effective for warming yang and invigorating blood; rose, which has a sweet scent, is also good for invigorating blood and maintaining beauty. A hot beverage that contains both these ingredients is suitable for those with blood stasis, pale faces, freckles, dark circles under the eyes or those who experience menstrual pain.
【Consumption】Drink three to four times a week for a period that spans three menstrual cycles; infuse it over and over again until the flavor is gone. 

(Source of photos: Wikimedia Commons)