In the season when the spring breeze carried the fragrance of blossoming mountain flowers, I headed to Sai Kung via Clearwater Bay.

Sai Kung, a tranquil town with beautiful scenery, is sandwiched between the hills and the sea. Compared with Stanley where luxury residences abound and Chinese and Westerners mingle, Sai Kung is a cozy local place for the common people.

The hustle and bustle of Sai Kung town centre was no different from that of an urban area. Yet when I walked up to the waterfront, my outlook was brightened by the green hills, blue waters, yachts, kites, tourists and dog walkers that came into sight. All these made up a vivid and colourful vista.

Walking along the promenade towards the southeast, I arrived at the former fishing village with its rows of old and new houses in picturesque disorder. The alleys were wedged close to one another. Strolling along them, I found myself among the tourists. In the front yard of each house, there were baskets of salted fish, oysters on wooden chairs and bok choy hung on the fences, all being dried under the sun. All these sights added a pinch of delight to the ambiance of this fishing village.

Sai Kung, primitive but impressive, lives up to title of “Back Garden of Hong Kong”. It is a wonderful place to go on holiday for every single visit can drive away your weariness and lighten your heart.