I gave a talk entitled “Our Fear or Love” in Guangzhou early this year to mark the release of my book “Phobias”《假如我們什麼都不怕》. Thanks to an invitation from WeTalk, excerpts can be shared with you here.

Chapter One: If only we had nothing to fear

Fear is common to all. We do fear changes and unexpected or uncontrollable things. That’s why we are used to getting things planned and don’t know how to deal with contingencies. We also fear unfamiliar things, so we tend to be conservative and cherish the past.

If only we had nothing to fear. Unfortunately this world is full of fears. Living in a world of imaginations, all of us have been taught to fear a lot of things - failures, poor performances, giving up halfway, etc. Sometimes we take up something, and yet it is simply for fear of losing an opportunity to do so.

Taking myself as an example, I was afraid when invited by Southern Weekly to write a column entitled “If Only We Had Nothing to Fear” as I used to write short articles or lyrics. In fact, even though I have been engaging in writing for a number of years, fears come upon me every time I’ve got to do it. To overcome such fears, one must keep himself/herself disciplined - be aware of the lead time and the ideal time for writing, as well as schedule a specific time to do it daily. One must also be well-planned - develop a writing plan in advance so as to get a better idea of the lead time. Most importantly, one must accept contingencies and understand that most of the things are beyond control. If you profoundly understand this philosophy, you will realise that you don’t have to excessively insist on or fear anything so that you can reserve more energy to wrestle with a contingency in case it arises.

I believe that if we embrace contingencies instead of fearing them, overcome our fear of unfamiliar things and are willing to be exposed to more brand new things, and try things out of interest rather than for fear of losing a precious opportunity, contingencies will certainly become a source of interests and our fears will hence be alleviated.

I wish all of us could take up everything out of love rather than fear and live our own lives.

(To be continued)

(This article is a translation only. The original article is in Chinese.)